I’m proud to share some of the products I use and companies I’ve partnered with over the years. I’ve become an ambassador for several brands that I love and trust, and I only actively promote products that I genuinely use.


My trusted racquet since 2017. I currently use the CV 3.0 F Tour. I need a racquet that can transmit a lot of spin but give back good amount of control, so this was my perfect fit. Love my personalized bag & racquets, thank you Dunlop!


I’ve been using the WHOOP for several years now. It’s very handy for tracking workouts, calorie burn, and heart rate variability, and I personally utilize the sleep tracking data the most. I use the sleep coach feature to try and achieve high sleep quality so that I can plan my training sessions accordingly. Adequate daily recovery is so important as a professional athlete to make sure I stay injury free and avoid reaching any sort of burn out.

I think it’s worth noting that that the strap delivers quite a bit of data and can seem elaborate for the average person day-to-day, but if you’re an athlete who loves a lot of detail (like I do) and are looking to level up your performance, I highly recommend it.

I’m excited to partner with WHOOP as of this year, and for anyone looking to give it a try, this link will give you a 10% off discount for any membership you purchase.


TennisONE is an app where you can find live-streamed videos with numerous players, including myself, where we showcase what we are doing behind the scenes. Content includes anything from Q+As, scavenger hunts, and cooking videos to home workouts and filmed practices.

I joined the TennisONE App team earlier this year in April and so far have streamed a “show and tell” Q+A, a bake-off with my brother at home, a bag check, and a scavenger hunt. All streams are live, which means you have to download the app in order to view. I will link it below for anyone who wants to check it out!

Garden Of Life

I’m proud to be an ambassador for a brand that helps me live my healthiest life! I only recently tried Garden Of Life’s vegan protein powder and turmeric drink mix, but I absolutely loved both. The “sport” line of protein is certified (Trusted By Sport) so I know I can trust their products when competing without ever having to worry about what ingredients might be hidden inside. They have hundreds of products including everyday vitamins, recovery mixes, wellness drink powders (pictured), and tons of protein. Whether you’re looking for vegan plant-based protein, grass fed whey, collagen, or Keto MCT protein powders, they pretty much have all bases covered.

I use the raw organic Juiced Green Superfood powder almost every day either as part of a smoothie or by itself in the morning mixed into a glass of water. The apple flavoring is pretty light and minimally masks with the taste of the greens so that it can be managed with just water, but doesn’t taste too sweet. There is also an unflavored version for those bold enough for a very green tasting drink.

Promo code Ambassador20 will get you 20% off the entire Garden of Life website.

Kopari Beauty

I’ve always been an advocate of natural, cruelty-free skincare and organic beauty products, so naturally I was thrilled to become an ambassador for a brand like Kopari Beauty! I actually tried out Kopari’s coco deodorant before even becoming an ambassador, and I can say that it is the only natural aluminum free deodorant that actually works (for me, at least.)

The first thing I noticed instantly was that their products smell amazing. All of their products contain organic coconut oil as a main ingredient, so as you can imagine, the lotions and balms are super rich and moisturizing. My personal favorite is the coconut crush scrub (pictured above.) If you’re looking to really revamp your shower/skincare routine, I can’t stress enough how game-changing their coconut products are. Everything is also cruelty-free, free of parabens + sulfates, and vegan, so this is a brand I am happy to get behind! Their scrubs and deos come in little travel sizes too, perfect for me to take on the road 🙂

Friends, code LOU20 will get you 20% off their website.

HU Kitchen

You’ve probably seen the famous healthy HU Chocolate bars by now either in the chocolate aisle at Whole Foods, in your local health shop, or maybe you’ve even visited the HU Flagship in NYC. *New Yorkers, next time you’re walking through the flatiron district you NEED to stop in this incredible health store/restaurant! Hu Kitchen is a brand that I am thrilled to work with because their products are clean and don’t include any hidden artificial ingredients.

Dark chocolate is my go-to for treating myself to a dessert or a guilty snack, but these chocolate bars are as “clean” as a chocolate bar could possibly be. All of the flavors are organic, vegan, gluten free, and contain no artificial sugars or junk. Pretty much everything on their website consists of only a few ingredients.

For anyone living or visiting NYC, the Flagship restaurant in also has a pre-made section filled with healthy snacks, salads, pressed juices and smoothies, and all sorts of homemade organic, healthy goods! It is the perfect spot for anyone with dietary restrictions – whether you’re vegan, gluten free, paleo, or Keto, you’ll be able to find something here. (It really is an athlete’s dream health cafe)

My personal favorite is the Hazelnut Butter dark chocolate – Crunchy Mint is really refreshing too. Hop on their website to try, and get 15% off your order with code Louisa15.

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